One approach to reviewing Treadmill Factory is presenting a numerical score or some form or numerical rating. Examples of numerical scoring would be on a scale of 1 - 100, or the common star system - i.e. out of 5 stars usually. I like (and it's my opinion only) scoring methods that are broad and easy to understand. The 1 - 100 scale offers a large enough range that many treadmills can be scored in a way that you'll see differences in scoring.

What do I mean?

Compare a 1 - 100 scale to a 5 point or star scale. If 40 treadmills are reviewed, and few review sites score its products below 2.5 or 3 stars, the bulk of the treadmill scores will range between 2.5 to 4.5 stars. That's pretty narrow. The 1 - 100 scale, on the other hand, offers many points along the scale on which treadmills can be scored - even if all 40 treadmills (using the 50 as an example) are scored above 50.

Another benefit of a 1 - 100 scale for scoring is it's a scoring scale many people identify with. We use percentages and think in percentages - which is also a 1 - 100 scale.

I don't mean to be critical of 1 - 5 scales, because every reviewing method has value if done earnestly.

The value in the 5 point or 5 star scale is it gives you a quick idea about the author's opinion. The 1 - 5 point or star scale is widely used on the Internet because it's visual (i.e. the row of stars is most common). At the end of the day, no numerical scoring method is better than the other - just different. Both offer value to readers.

What about price adjustments?

Obviously rating treadmills on a numerical scale will be skewed because more expensive treadmills offer more features and will score better. However, the fact is most people don't buy the most expensive treadmill; they buy the treadmill that will meet their needs at the lowest price.

Therefore, won't some Commercial Treadmill score higher because they cost more and can afford better features? You bet, but a quality numerical scoring formula incorporates an adjustment or adjustments for pricing. There are many ways to adjust for price. It's important when you read treadmill reviews that offer a numerical score of any sort, that price is adjusted and reflected in the score.