The first thing to remember when buying a used China Treadmill is that all brands are NOT created equally!!,/h2> Most people would not think twice about the purchase of a used Cadillac, while others would not consider looking at a used AMC Pacer. The same consideration should be applied to second hand treadmills. Certain brands are just better.
The treadmill a consumer is interested in purchasing will most likely be a lower end residential unit. Many brands or companies have several grades of product. The company may have the best commercial equipment, but their residential units are sorely lacking. A Cadillac maybe a Cadillac no matter what model (well, except for the 1982 Cimarron that we won’t mention…. and we fully forgive you Cadillac), but that is not the case in the fitness industry.
If at all possible….. never, ever buy a used treadmill online. You should always be able to inspect the treadmill in person. Using a car buying term, “kick the tires” is a must! Always make sure the treadmill is clean inside and out. The cleaner the treadmill the better it runs!
*In addition to looking at the cleanliness, check for drive belt for cracking and wear. Thoroughly check the walking belt and deck.
*The deck and belt are the most worn items on a treadmill and are very important to the proper function of a treadmill. If they are not in good condition or working properly it will lead to huge problems with your treadmill electronics. Many times the replacement parts cost, plus the cost of the used treadmill would be close to the purchase price of a brand new Commercial Treadmill.