Are you using your Commercial Treadmill to prepare for a marathon, or are you just trying to get your pulse rate up, as the doctor suggested? Your answer will tell you which model of treadmill you should pursue. If you simply want to get some exercise, you do not need the bells and whistles offered by the often more-expensive models. What you need is a solid machine that will measure your pulse rate and tell you how far you've traveled. And, assuming you keep at it, you should have a machine that can vary the elevation.

If, however, you want to use your treadmill as part of a serious exercise regimen, then consider some of the features treadmills offer. For example, some models come programmed with eight-week exercise plans. The machine will vary your workout to help you increase mobility, maintain your weight and improve your health. It does this by varying the incline and speed of your workout. Some even have audible "coaches" to steer you into a more effective workout.

You also want to consider who will be using the machine. If it's just you, then the treadmill will not get the same workout it would get if it's used by a family of five. If the machine will be used by multiple runners, then look for a sturdier fixed-frame Commercial Grade Treadmills , perhaps even a commercial-grade machine. And also keep the weight of the heaviest user in mind. A commercial-grade machine can accommodate a runner up to 500 pounds, whereas some cut off at far lower weights.