Other machines may be portable but their weight does not allow you to carry them to Commercial Grade Treadmills. One thing you should consider is the weight, because if it is impossible for you to carry it around then it defeats the purpose of being portable. A good treadmill should be easy to lug around.


You do not expect these things to be cheap, especially with all those features included. But it is definitely cheaper than the motorized ones and more affordable. If you really want to buy one, you must prepare to invest in a high quality portable treadmill because the cheaper ones are usual not that durable. But it must be affordable enough that it fits your budget.


1. Lacks a Lot of Cushioning.

Cushioning is the ability of the machine to absorb the force and weight of every step you take. Since treadmills allow you to step on the machine and put every force of your weight into it, it must be able to carry that force. If it doesn't, it will give way and you might find yourself a minute later on the floor.

2. Lacks Features.

Most portable treadmills don't have many features in them mostly because they are very small. But if the features are not what you are looking for, you can always put this in the backseat. After all, a compact treadmill is all about its weight.

A compact treadmill is not only growing in popularity amongst the average runner but it's becoming even more popular for the avid runners. The biggest benefit with the folding or portable treadmill is space. Two things that contribute to its popularity is the lack of space available and our ever growing need to stay or get in shape to improve our appearance and to live longer and happier lives. Being able to transform a small area of your place into your workout area and then pack it away easily in minutes, makes it the ultimate training equipment.

In the past, people planned homes and their space with a room dedicated to training but with the growth of flat screens, surround sound, home theaters and guest rooms, the dedicated training room has seemed to become an after thought and lost some of the luster as in the past. Many people would like to stay in shape but now they want to do it on their terms. They want the ease of moving their workout space around giving them different views and changing up what some consider a mundane activity, whether it be running on a Portable Treadmill, rowing or some type of weight training program.